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Off-Leash Writing Workshops


Untether Yourself

Off-Leash Writing is a vital, no-holds barred, transformative process, in which you put pen to paper and cut loose, burning through to first thoughts, outstripping your inner critics with the sheer velocity of your words.


Write Wild, Write Free

I’ll give prompts - usually poetry - and we'll write in exuberant ten to fifteen-minute bursts, saying yes to what's coming, surging forward without pausing, amending, or looking back. The prompts are not instructions so much as doorways, opening onto the vast field of your experience and imagination. At the end of each burst, we’ll read aloud what we’ve written, bearing witness to the raw power of what’s in the room. We'll keep the circle small - maximum 8 people - and I'll write and read alongside you, modeling the full imperfection of this practice, with its hitches and lulls and bouts of self-consciousness that occasionally give way to periods of pure flow. 


Write Your Way Home

For newcomers and experienced writers alike, this process is an astonishingly effective tool for quieting the noise and discovering – or re-discovering - your authentic voice. Though it can be a means to an end - you'll generate loads of material that you can rework and polish into memoirs, stories, poems, or anything else - the process of writing, listening, and being deeply heard is also a profound practice for healing what C. S. Lewis called "the wound of individuality."


"I Wanna See You Be Brave"  

- Sara Bareilles

Try it and see. 



more workshops coming soon!